Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just A Thought....

Now that we're hours away from Obama getting sworn in (and how about the mountains of pressure they're piling on the dude to deliver 'I have a dream,' 'nothing to fear but fear itself,' and 'ask not what your country' all in one?), I'm inclined to reflect on the genuinely uplifting sense of hope in particularly the African-American community. It's a beautiful thing. Seriously. I know I'm a cynical bastard, but this is me being sincere.

HOWEVER, I'm wondering if there's any correlation between the ascendancy of a black president and the decline of Hip Hop. Or maybe it's just a coincidence. Or maybe Hip Hop is only momentarily in decline, just like everything in this puta madre (ask a Spanish speaking friend) life is transitory and impossible to hold on to.

Maybe Hip Hop is played right now coz folks aren't scared of the 'violent, misogynistic rappers' anymore, and white america feels like it 'gets' black america ("we're all one big happy family now, after all I voted for one of your kind").

I dunno. Maybe there's no correlation whatsoever between a black president and an art form in decline.

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