Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

What could possibly snap me out of my blog-coma? Well, a couple of things. Maybe three, actually. Three things.

First of all, garrulous former Prime Minister Paul Keating has descended from the sky like the archangel Gabriel (yet again) to pass hilariously combative judgement on a current active politician who he doesn't approve of.

"It was bad enough having the real John Howard ... at least Howard was a militant, aggressive conservative driving in reverse through the rear-vision mirror."

Now normally even a Keating fanboy like myself can admit that such rants aren't, umm, all that balanced, but I mean fuck it - he's talking about Tony Abbott, who can argue?

Moving on, it's St. Paddy's day tomorrow. And if you're any type of Mick in Melbourne, chances are you've spent some time at the Paddy in the Park shindig at The Dan O'Connell pub in Carlton. But if you don't get down there tomorrow, you might never spend another St. Patrick's day on the hallowed lawn again.

From The Age:

CARLTON'S Dan O'Connell Hotel will celebrate St Patrick's Day for the last time on March 17 because of liquor licensing restrictions.

The venue has celebrated the day for 100 years, with up to 5000 patrons drinking green beer and listening to local folk, Celtic and rock musicians on an outdoor stage in the adjoining park.

But owners say that new liquor licensing restrictions will force it to close at 10pm, making it financially unviable.

''The festival has enjoyed the overwhelming support of local residents, Melbourne City Council and Victoria Police,'' said manager Toby Kingsley.

This shit is pretty bogus, so please take a moment to join The Dan's facebook group and help them stand up against the rising tide of reactionary bullshit that has already claimed The Tote (how's that going by the way, have young yobs stopped glassing each other yet?).

While I was trying to find some kind of amusing image to accompany this Emerald-tinged post (in part to distract you from the relatively poor quality of the same), I found myself googling 'leprechaun,' which threw up the following hilarious suggested searches:

Leprechaun trap

Leprechaun in Alabama

Leprechaun in the 'hood

And just in case you've tried everything to trap the little bastards, maybe try using oatmeal cans.

It kinda feels like the Dublin Aunts should do something annual on St. Patrick's Day. Maybe next year we can work something out.

Anyway, everybody wear something green and get outrageously drunk manyana. Slainte!


Nate said...

I hope you checked out 'Leprechaun in Alabama'. There's a fing great video about it on the internets. Worth a look.

hipstamatic said...


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Digga said...

Nate, I didn't check it out so I'ma have to get on that tonight. Joely, I gotta come out with some new tracks so you have new quotes to throw back at me haha! I think tiktok said it best though....

Anonymous said...