Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally, Something Worth Blogging About

I was driving home from Albert Park tonight and I saw a billboard for Nine, the new movie starring Daniel Day Lewis. Being completely oblivious to the existence of this project, I kind of lost my shit.

I'll watch anything with this dude in it. In The Name of The Father is one of my favourites, and he even made the otherwise pedestrian-at-best Gangs of New York somewhat watchable. Few things that are notable about this trailer, which is better than the one you can see below:

Daniel Day Lewis doesn't say a word during the whole 2 and a half minutes, and he still holds the center of attention (but that's probably only because we don't get a better look at Miss Cruz).

Sophia Loren finally looks her age. That's not a criticism at all. Actually, it's kind of a relief. I was starting to get a bit concerned at the fact that I've been having sexual fantasies about her for 15 years and during that time she hasn't aged at all. I wonder how Raquel Welch is doing....

It's directed by the dude who did Chicago, and more apathetic about musicals as a genre, I could not be, but I have a feeling I'll enjoy this one as a film despite itself.

On a completely unrelated note, after watching some highlights of the African Nations Cup match between heavyweights Ivory Coast and Ghana (who are in the Socceroos group at the world cup in June), I've come to the conclusion that we're completely f*&ked.

Unless we can figure out a way to beat Serbia.

I guess it could happen. They're a pretty passive, had-an-easy-life, take-it-lying-down type of people, right?

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