Sunday, January 3, 2010

Only 2 Years Until The World Ends (Mayans, motherf*&kers - Mayans!)

Ok, rubes. I'm back.

Here's a list of things I should've blogged about since my last post almost a month ago (in no particular order):


I have absolutely nothing insightful to share, but I could've easily paraphrased The Kid, or G, or any one of the dozen or so people I know who actually have a clue, and passed the ideas off as my own without most of you finding out. Except for the fact that both The Kid and G read this blog. But then hilarity could've ensued in the comments.


More specifically, the sheer quantity of it that I consumed during December generally and on Christmas Day specifically. Not as some sort of late 20's crisis boast, but rather as a heads-up excuse for the vacant look in my eyes and the reddened cheeks on my face next time you see me. In my defense, I went without a drop of cerveza from November 28 until Christmas Eve, so I feel that the spike in whiskey consumption was somewhat mitigated. I mean, c'mon, no one ever stops drinking completely. Do they?

The New York Knicks.

This is a fairly recent eventuation, but those fuckers actually beat early season Eastern Conference front-runners the Atlanta Hawks IN Atlanta.

In other events, The Old Firm Derby is on tonight and if Rangers win then the title is likely to stay in the blue, God-Save-The-Queen (in other words, the crap) part of Glasgow.

It's 2010 in my heart, my mind, and my pants.