Monday, December 14, 2009

Rum, Brandy, Sodomy, the Lash, and a Few Good Goals

It's pretty hard to knock this (enjoy the commentary, by the way) out the box in terms of what I will and won't post footage about, but Marc Antoine Fortune's thunder bolt for Celtic is kinda a big deal as he's been much maligned and hardly played since his 4 million Euro arrival at Parkhead.

I watched Celtic v Motherwell live on Sat night, downing some overly potent home made egg nog in the process. Pretty hard to convey the excitement when Fortune broke the 2-2 deadlock with his goal, mainly because the SPL isn't exactly champagne football and I'm one of the 113 people in Oz who even give a f*&k about it - but it was literally his first touch after he got on the pitch.

Oh, and Arsenal beating Liverpool was pretty sweet, too.

Sorry, Memph.

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