Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An Inconvenient Shuduppa You Face

Here's what I don't get about the climate change "debate."

There are politicians who think it's a myth. Whatever. Fair enough. I guess.

However, these politicians are so stubbornly stuck on the idea that it's a myth, that they refuse to engage with any policy (or policy-making) that places primacy on solving any related environmental issues right now. So you get your "I'm not ripping off the tax payers' in order to pay for some pie in the sky scheme that aims at solving a problem that doesn't exist" line.


But carbon emissions are bad, right? That's not up for debate, is it? You see where I'm going with this....

Maybe you think climate change is a crock of $hit. But you know that many interrelated environmental issues are not.

If these politicians don't want to back an emissions trading scheme at the expense of, well, expenses, but they admit that carbon emissions (and a bunch of other eco stuff we can work on) are bad for the environment, then they're either too stupid or too dangerous to be trusted. It it's bad, and you can affect a positive change, then do so. If you know it's bad, and you don't want to affect a change (regardless of the paternalistic reasoning behind it) you're a bit of a prick.

I don't have anything specifically against people sticking their heads in the sand. But it seems to me that if you genuinely think climate change is a myth then you shouldn't believe in the hole in the o zone layer, rising sea levels, or any other proven environmental truth bombs (water is wet, etc.) either.

Having said all that (did I say all that?), I fully admit to being a complete f*&king hypocrite because I do very little to curb my own lifestyle in aid of creating a more ecologically sustainable society.

So blah.

I'm sorry for being grumpy, I procrastinated over buying a sweet 1981 Retro Celtic FC track jacket and it's now out of stock and never to be re-manufactured.

I may denounce all of the above listed, half-baked opinions as early as this time tomorrow.

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