Monday, December 7, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

A little while back I remember reading about a guy who came to Australia from Scotland when he was 11 years old. Obviously, migrating at that age, his whole world and everything he knew or held dear was in Australia. But he was a bad boy, and he'd been in and out of prison for most of his adult life. So at some point someone somewhere rubber-stamped the notion of kicking him out of Australia (he never got naturalized) the very next time he got out of jail.

So that's what they did.

He was sent "home" on October 20, leaving behind a teenage son and his extended family. Two days later he was found lying dead on a footpath. British police are asking why, and the Australian Government is denying any responsibility.

Apparently this isn't an isolated incident. Word is, the Australian Government sends almost 100 "almost Australian" people packing per year.

Of course, no story like this would be complete without the unsolicited opinion of some reactionary crank. In this case, it was that clean living pillar of the Australian broadcasting community, Derryn Hinch.

Is this K Rudd's Australia? Or The Coconut's?

It's getting harder to differentiate.

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