Monday, December 14, 2009

How Commodities Prices Directly Impacted My Weekend

Ah Bubs. Everybody's favourite junkie. Affable, charismatic, and well-informed.

Much like the junkies who ripped out my copper gas pipe and a sizable chunk of my gas meter on the weekend. Well, they have the well-informed part in common, anyway.

After the crippling rage simmered down (I briefly considered finding local scrap metal joints and offering them $200 for any info they could give me), I had to chuckle at the notion of a couple of scraggly smack head life partners reading the Financial Review over a lunch at the soup kitchen.

"Ay baaaaaabe, says 'ere copper's garn thru the roof!"

"Yeah I know. Jeez, I tell ya - commodities prices these days."

Seriously though, I hope those f*&king deadbeats die.

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El NiƱo said...

A bouy can only hope that he is being grifted by a smackie whose heart is not as rotted as his teeth, such as the bubs. i reckon the judgement of death though should be left for a bitter and vengeful god.