Monday, December 7, 2009

Albums I'm Gonna Recommend You Checkout, Even Though I Haven't Even Heard Them

I've heard enough good things about the new Clipse record Til The Casket Drops, and the new Snoop album Malice In Wonderland to do the old Molly Meldrum, "Do yourself a favour."

Even though I haven't heard a single track off either LP.

I was a pretty big fan of Hell Hath No Fury, and I've always dug The Clipse's "we don't care about much" style, so I think it's a safe bet.

And as for Snoop, have you ever seen/heard Sexual Eruption? Alright then. Nuff said.

I can't be bothered checking out Before I Self Destruct. I might, at some point. But I probably won't blog about it unless I get it on vinyl, play it backwards, and become the first person on the planet to realise that 50 Cent is subliminally preaching Scientology.

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