Monday, November 23, 2009

A Crap Weekend In Sports

Arsenal lose to Sunderland in the EPL, and Celtic lose to Dundee United in Scotland.


At least things are working out a little nicer in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks, who have to be one of the definitive 'neutral's favourite' teams (when have you ever heard anyone say a bad word about them?) are soaring (yep, I just did that) atop the league - along with the equally impressive Orlando Magic, that is.

Vince Carter is doing some great work at Orlando. It's kind of a perfect fit for him, coz he's always been that dude with all the technical and physical gifts in the world who's lazy disposition can make him a little frustrating to watch. In the twilight of his career, and with other big guns around him (Howard, Lewis etc.), the pressure's off. Anyone who saw the way he closed out the win against Boston the other day would have to agree that he could be the X factor they need to get over, say, a Cleveland in the play-offs.

But enough of this positive $hit, let's get back to the crap stuff.

It doesn't get much worse than Kevin Garnett hitting a buzzer beater in Madison Square Garden.

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