Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nas Midweek, Lil' Wayne Weekend

That could pretty much sum up the parts of the week that seem suitable to listen to each of those artists' music, but that's not really what it refers to.

I saw Nas do his thing at The Metro here in Melbourne (Palace? F*&k outta here. Pig, lipstick, etcetera and so forth) on Wednesday night, and I've been listening to Weezy's No Ceilings mixtape all day today (Sunday).

Part of me wants to give it up to Nas for just rocking out in front of his 7 piece band completely solo, no hype man, no special effects. Just him and his classics. But another part of me couldn't get used to the semi-trailer sized gaps of silence that all of his verses were punctured with, where a hype man would've punched in for him. Blah. Some good things, some bad things.

Same with Lil' Wayne. I keep listening to his music, I'm no Wayne hater. Of course I knew about him waaaay back in the mid 90s when most hip hop heads laughed at him and his southern brethren. But I never really paid him no mind until my boy (ironically also called Weez) put me onto The Carter II. It's been up and down ever since. I love that he truly doesn't give a f*&k, I hate how bad that makes some of his lyrics. Sometimes he goes hard, sometimes he just sounds, well, stupid.

It's kinda lame to look for the whole package in one artist, in the same way that you're a moron if you think going to church every Sunday means you'll eventually loll about on fluffy soft clouds for all eternity. I'm obviously getting something out of both listening experiences, otherwise why the f*&k would I still be listening? So I'm gonna let it ride there.

Nas midwek, Lil' Wayne weekend.

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