Sunday, November 1, 2009

Get a Whiff Of Columbia

My dude Krispy put me onto the story of a Columbian football team who got kidnapped right off the pitch in the middle of a game. Spoiler alert: it didn't have a happy ending.

Tachira's secretary-general Leomagno Flores has blamed the violence on an armed wing of the Columbian left-wing guerilla group the LEN, led by a guerilla called El Payaso, or 'The Clown.'

Now, obviously this type of stuff only happens in Latin America. But the particular blend of madness whiffs specifically of Columbia.

Violent football pitch invasion: check.
Shadowy guerilla group with nebulous motives: check
Ridiculous and amusing nickname for homicidal ring leader: check

The only thing more Columbian than all of that, is this crazy f&*k goalkeeper who you've probably all seen footage of before. If you haven't, enjoy.

It's like this every day in Baranquilla.

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