Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Times at Digg-mont High

Busy weekend.

Continued to kick ass in my duties as THE boyfriend (I keep my Valentine's Day game up to par - not that I'm into that kind of thing, "it's just a crap, commercialised hallmark date" etc.), and then hit the studio all day Sunday and recorded some tracks that will be getting a bit more of a push than my lame 'post it and forget about it' efforts of late.

Tek came through and filmed me in the booth, and some of the collaborative process between me and J, so that content will start to surface sooner or later too.

Celtic 0-0 Rangers, so The Hoops are still on top of the ladder. But only by 2 points. One more Old Firm Derby this season, and I think it's gonna be decisive.

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