Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keating, Like Fine Wine

I've already sang this man's praises, and he's pretty close to being named an honorary rapper here at TWNR just so I can insert him as 'Reason # 3 Why TWNR,' but for now we can all enjoy his incitement to global financial revolution.

"What we need is a completely new global political and economic settlement," Mr Keating told the ABC's Lateline program on Monday.

"Get rid of the old G7. We've got to get rid of the old IMF. We've got to bring the surplus countries into the political framework."

No doubt he'll be derided as the bellicose loon that both sides of the political street like to characterise him as these days, but you know he's making more sense than anyone else about this right now.


El NiƱo said...

If you need a second in order to make P.Keating (as opposed to Alex P Keating though that could be worth exploring too) an honorary rapper to slot him into Reason #3 Why TWNR I'll throw my hand up

Digga said...

Motion carried. Alex P Keating was a little pimp, he's welcome aboard any time too.

Detect said...

it was alex p keaton wasn't it?