Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Charlton Heston's Cold, Dead Hands May Be Rubbing With Glee

While some of us still pinch ourselves in disbelief that a black man was democratically elected in the US of AmeriKKKa, and others are still binging on the leftist progressive ideals that this historical presidency has reawakened, a lot of yanks are stocking up on guns.

Those lessons came back to Bredesen when he found himself confronted last week with a bill allowing people who are licensed to carry concealed weapons to bring them into bars and restaurants that serve liquor and beer. Standing before rows of law-enforcement officers that formed what he called, with the satisfied tone of a good politician, "a sea of blue," Bredesen vetoed the measure, though that veto is almost certainly going to be overridden in Nashville.

Maybe if T.I. was a white dude from Nashville he'd get a medal instead of a jail term (see yesterday's post).

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