Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May The Schwarz Be With You

After both The Kid, and the homie Zac, lit a fire under me about this no blogging shit, I thought I'd sneak in a quick moment of appreciation for Space Balls. Mel Brooks at his best. I had a tough time picking which clip to post, because this flick is an end-to-end burner, but I think you'll agree I chose wisely.

Incidentally, I just recorded a verse for the new J Wess album the other day where I actually used the term 'ludicrous speed.'

Oh, and umm..... one of the greatest entertainers of all time died..... Madoff finally had to take the L for all those billions he stole and will shortly be taking bubble baths in corporate prison..... and my man Hugo Chavez is thinking about sending troops to Honduras coz of that zany military coup that's going on, which has ousted his Red-friendly pal Zelaya.

But seriously - Space Balls. Get on it.

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