Thursday, June 11, 2009

LBL Cool J (Wess) & Digga

I'm a pretty humble cat. I've done a lot of stuff that you'll rarely hear me talk about; co-writing and performing on an ARIA nominated LP, Gold plaque on my wall for a Top 10 track, performing to 30,000 live plus millions on TV for annual Channel 10 Australia Day celebration, and on the day I lost my virginity I also found $20 on the street - but all of that pales in comparison to my recent and crowning achievement:

There are performing Lady Boys in Phuket who use 'Bang This' (J Wess feat. Digga & Kulaia) as part of their routine.

We've got quite a good track record of strippers using our songs (what can I say, we make great sleazy music), but this is next level.

I've included the clip for the song, complete with me decked out in corny '05' FUBU jersey. Niiiiice.

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