Sunday, November 2, 2008

Be A Hater and Up Your IQ?

Apparently when you see someone you hate, you get smarter.

"British neuroscientists did fMRI brain scans of subjects while they looked at pictures of people they claimed to hate. As a baseline, they also showed them pictures of people they felt neutrally about. Not surprisingly, hatred activated the regions of the brain associated with aggression and the motor regions that would translate this aggression into action. And given that love often turns into hate, it's not too surprising that hatred also activates two brain regions, the putamen and the insula, associated with passionate, romantic love."

An interesting finding seems to be that the sense of hatred improves judgement and predictive ability.

I'm a little skeptical, because as much football as I watch, I should be some kind of Nostradamus after the amount of times I've seen Dirk Kuyt get Liverpool out of jail.

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