Sunday, November 9, 2008

We're The Kings of Sunshine!!!

Ok, so this article isn't about Dino Dibra, or anyone from Sunshine for that matter. But it is a ripping yarn about some crazy fuck from Broadmeadows who ripped off a bunch of stupid investors to the tune of $7 Million by claiming to be an Arabian Prince.

"Omar Jihad Yusuf, 40, travelled the world, drove a Ferrari, bought a racehorse and enjoyed panoramic views from his corner office at 101 Collins Street until his fantasy world came crashing down following an Age investigation in late 2004.

On a website for "Yusuf Holdings", the self-styled prince falsely claimed he had interests in pharmaceuticals, oil, aviation, property and perfume with 6500 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of $US650 million."

So simple. So brilliant. And he'll probably avoid jail due to mental incapacity. Where can I sign up for narcissistic personality disorder?

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