Sunday, November 2, 2008

How Did John Howard Ever Beat This Man?

I was gonna just post this excellent piece of news about Keating debunking the 'Australian Spirit Was Forged at Gallipoli' myth, but then I found the You Tube clip. It really is unbelievably good. I love this man.

Anyway, back to the Gallipoli bizzo.

Gallipolli was shocking for us," Mr Keating said. "Dragged into service by the imperial government in an ill-conceived and poorly executed campaign, we were cut to ribbons and dispatched. And none of it in the defence of Australia."

Preach. Now how about that Republic we've been waiting for, eh? Keating for President.

"I came in the door/I said it before, I never let the mic magnetize me no more....."

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