Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Knicks So Far: So So

After closing out the game today against Charlotte (Zach Randolph is really stepping up since D'Antoni's what the fuck decision to bench Eddie Curry), The Knicks are now 2-2. If they stay around .500 for the whole season, that should get them to the playoffs - but that's a big if.

Just on that matter of D'Antoni DNP CDing (Did Not Play, Coach's Decision) Curry, what the fuck is going on with Stephon Marbury? GM Donnie Walsh, head coach D'Antoni, and the petulant little fuck Marbury himself all sat down recently to work out what was gonna happen (Was he going to play? Was he going to get traded?). And they decided.............nothing.

They're not gonna trade him. They're not gonna buy him out. They're not gonna play him. They're just gonna let him sit around practice and on the bench at games, sulking.

I'm not the biggest Marbury fan, I didn't rejoice when he came to New York, but God Damn! I know he's an erratic, temperamental prick who's derailed the Knicks' season on a number of occasions due to his selfish bullshit, but doesn't keeping him around to quietly seethe in the corner just poison the player group?

Either play him, or get rid of him. That's my opinion, anyway.

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