Monday, December 1, 2008

A Break From Monotony? Pleasure? The Woman Craves Not These Things

According to some bullshit, psychology-by-numbers study that's covered in this article, women are less likely to cheat than men because it's all about nesting and keeping a sperm tributary at hand in case you want more rug rats, or just to make sure the little tykes have a daddy. That is, of course, until a woman reaches 30 and, gasp! (hasn't gotten married yet).

But if they do stray it's more likely to be when they enter their 30s as their biological clock starts ticking.

It couldn't be that they get bored, like men in their Thirties, or that they are more comfortable and confident in their own skin, like men in their Thirties, or that they enjoy the pleasure of sex, like men in their Thirties?

The research appears to be backed up by high profile marriage break ups. Miss Beckinsale, the British actress left her Welsh husband Michael Sheen after an affair when she was 30.

Well, that's it settled then. Time's ticking ladies. Have a baby or become a whore.

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