Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mixed Emotions Over Marbury

As you must surely know by now, I am a long suffering Knicks fan who has grown weary of the 'will they/won't they' Stephon Marbury issue. They won't buy his contract out, they can't trade him, and they refuse to play him. Now he's doing cool shit like buying tickets to their road games in LA and watching from courtside.

Marbury, in town to attend to his residence there and conduct some business, bought a ticket for the Knicks-Lakers game and had a baseline, courtside seat near film director Spike Lee.

According to the reports in the New York media, Marbury did more talking on his cell phone than he did observing the game, which the Lakers won 116-114.

I've gotta admit, I like his style there. It's so deliciously offbeat. But I still hate the distraction that he has become.

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