Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grand Sale, Grand Sale, Grand Sale

To round out this video clip orientated gaggle of posts, the west Melbourne (Footscray to be exact) legend, Franco Cozzo.

There's the classic clip of his ad (if you grew up in Melbourne in the Eighties or Nineties then you love this cat), but furthermore I found a reference to him and his furniture business on this awesomely titled blog

I believe he was implicated in some kind of drug importation scandal, but I don't think he saw any prison time, and his gaudy furniture is still getting pumped out, so that's a victory for him.

Megalo, Megalo, Megalo.


Detect said...

That looks like my couch!! whaddayamean fugly? LOL!

P.S. I didn't by it from Franco Cozzo (even though he might have the best collection of trapezarias krevatokameras, salonia and karekles!)

Detect said...

(To clarify, I meant the couch that appears before you click the play button on the youtube video looks like my couch. Not the actual fugly couch the blogger was referring to in the blog post you linked to)

Detect said...

(not that i care what you internet fuckers think)

Digga said...

Hahaha, I knew you'd be in Franco's corner.