Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Movie, Great Soundtrack

As a 17 year old hoopster with still-somewhat-realistic dreams of turning pro in my little heart, I liked Spike Lee's He Got Game when it came out (Ray Ray's acting aside) but I never gave much time to the soundtrack which doubled as a Public Enemy album. I've been listening to it today, and it is excellent. Chuck D is probably the greatest single lyricist in Hip Hop history (don't start the hate yet - I'm talking 'lyricist' in the same vein as Dylan, not strictly hip hop lyricism). The track, 'Is Your God a Dog,' where he breaks down the separate slayings of 2Pac and Biggie, is unparalleled and scathing.

And of course, there's the below title track as well as the Flavor Flav rant 'Shake Your Booty.'

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