Sunday, March 1, 2009

You Ain't This Kind Of Irish

If you're interested in NYC organised crime stuff, you may know about The Westies. Either way, you should read this article about The Lords of Hell's Kitchen.

THERE IS SOMETHING ALMOST QUAINT IN the image of Irish organized crime, something that calls to mind old movies with Jimmy Cagney lording over a troop of saucy wharf rats. That mythic era of Irish street glory appeared to end with the opening of Manhattan's dark, secretive slums to the forces of development and homogenization. But if the Westies seem like ghosts, they are harrowingly real.

New York law enforcement officials hold the Westies responsible for more than 30 murders during the last 15 years. ''This is the most violent gang we've seen,'' says Michael Cherkasky, the head of the Rackets Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

These dudes did some rude stuff (decapitation and dismemberment was standard operating procedure, it's all about corpus delicti don't you know). But don't worry, the neighbourhood isn't called Hell's Kitchen anymore, it's called Clinton. Cute, huh?

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