Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NYC Street Crime = Knicks Championships?

With the GFC gripping us ever tighter in it's credit-branded claw, folks are starting to worry that street crime will start to rise in New York City.

If a shrinking economy, soaring jobless claims and a troubled financial sector are not angst-producing enough, the threat of increased crime is leading many conversations toward a nagging and persistent question: Will the bad old days of record numbers of murders and ubiquitous street muggings be far behind?

Honestly, my answer would be, "I f*&kin' well hope not."

The Knicks were at the peak of their powers and winning Championships back in the '70s when folks were dropping dead from smack and learning how to fall asleep to the regular sound of rounds busting off.


theory said...

You mean to say you hope not, right?

Digga said...

Well spotted, Thrizz. I'm not a great speed reader, evidently ;)