Monday, September 21, 2009

Confusing Marketing: Do You Get Mad When You Just Don't Get It?

I just don't get this ad.

Is this supple, innocent, vivacious-yet-oh-so-naive young French peasant girl supposed to be this unexceptional middle aged Australian man's lover?

Is she his daughter? But no, she can't be that. She doesn't call him dad (or Papa, if you will) once. Then again, she doesn't call him dad-dy either. If you catch my drift.

And if she is this gentleman's lady friend, where might a 40 something bloke from, let's say Northern Sydney, happen upon such a Gallic beauty? And, for that matter, where exactly are they in this ad?

Maybe he pays her for her time, if you know what I mean. That works. Don't let the fact that they're familiar with one another throw you - I believe they call that a "standing arrangement."

And how in the hell does any of this compel me to give the folks at Budget Direct my money? Is it, "If I'm as prudent and wise through my life as this guy is (he does keep correcting Frenchie and her delightful mispronunciations, after all), I'll be given jail bait when I'm 50 as my just reward?"

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