Friday, September 18, 2009

More Cash For Private Schools: Gotta Keep That Elitist Conveyor Belt Going

I know, I know. I'm super late with this. I've been away, that's why I've been criminally neglecting the blog. But this bears repeating, coz it's complete bull$hit that people should be seriously alarmed about.

While the Government often says increased funding to non-government schools partly reflects enrolment growth, the latest figures from the federal Education Department show private school funding will far outstrip enrolment growth over the same period, which is only about 5 per cent for most of the schools.

In my view, there's no good reason for private schools to receive any more money from the government. I mean $hit, they already get waaaaay more than they should. My sister's been a teacher in the public system the last few years, and there's just straight up no cash for anything. And that's at the reasonably well-performing ones, not to mention the remote or underperforming ones. So why the f*&k should we bolster the cash reserves at these lil' fascist factories through which even the dim witted progeny of upper class captains of industry learn to expect the power and class advantage they will go on to inherit?

It just makes me so mad, in case that wasn't clear.