Friday, September 18, 2009

Flo Rida Tour Pics

Soundcheck: tedious, time consuming, and always kicks off 42 minutes later than scheduled. But the most necessary of evils.

This is what happens when your stylist gets all artsy with the camera. For the record, mine's the foot on the left.

Lipz gets up close and personal with the fans, and subsequently finds out what the barriers are for.

Gettin' a little sweaty, largely due to the 'I'm a Rapper, I ain't takin' my hood off' stylee.

Trying to act calm and cool in the moments before we hit the stage (the most incredible soul sensation Mr. Jerson Trinidad to the left of me). If you don't get nervous in that situation, you're not taking it seriously.

The Sydney crowd - "Oh, I think they like me."

So we've now killed 'em in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Perth is the last leg of the tour, that's next Friday. Definitely have to give a shout out to Jen, our stylist. She came through with a tonne of fresh gear.

Big middle finger to the Scots flamer at Brisbane airport who 'accidentally' sent my bag to Perth after I kind of gave him $hit for making me check my carry on.

I'll have to grab a few more pics from the other guys' cameras, I didn't get that many good ones. It's been a blast, thoughts are now turning to the second J Wess single coz we gotta get the kids jumping to our new stuff the same way they're jumping to our old stuff.


J.R. said...

haha luv it! yes always trying to get creative. u guys killed it tho. bring on the left coast!! jr

Digga said...

I know, right? Can't wait for Perth on Fri!