Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Ah Jesus, I'm F*&$in' Dreamin' Here"

That's what Paulie Walnuts says to Tony Soprano when he is informed that their lifetime mafioso pal Pussy Bonpansiero is working for The Feds.

And it's exactly how I feel after having my worst Champions League qualifier fears realised.

Tony Mowbray's men will host the Gunners first in a tie sure to be labelled a Battle of Britain. The Bhoys qualified for the tough tie via a historic away victory at Dinamo Moscow.

It's true my friends, God really does hate us all. Well, me at least. For now.

Do I go with my blood, my tradition, upholding my Grandpa's proud Irish love of Glasgow Celtic FC?

Or do I choose my own affinity for, and organic attachment to, the stylish Frenchie-influenced fluidity of Arsenal?

No one knows, my friends. But I urge you to indulge in a chuckle at my misfortune.

Oh, and by the way, Tony's response to Paulie's lament (the title of this blog post) was, "Tell me about it. I been walkin' into walls all week."

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