Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rap vs. Music

Shout to Che for sending me this yesterday, it seems a propos given the imminent release of the self-titled album from 4 man powerhouse crew Slaughterhouse (I'm sure at least a couple of them will become reasons why TWNR at some stage).

It also got me thinking about the nature of rap (at least, the kind of rap that these guys do) within the wider context of music in general.

When these guys get to flowing, watch out. They're all incredible, and it's truly impressive. But, as I was saying to Che, it feels more like watching 4 athletes running the 4 x 100M sprint than it feels like having the 'musical' experience.

That may be the reason I originally fell in love with this rap $hit - because we were saying F*&k The Police and barking rough raps over beats that took 'music' and sampled/mashed it up into this crazy, angry, bombastic, distorted, beautifully raw thing. Was it even music? Is it now?

I surely don't know. But I still love that crazy, beautiful, raw thing that first hooked me in, and these cats deliver it in spades.

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