Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rakim Hearts Jadakiss and Loso

I've always rated 'Kiss as one of the best flows going around, nothing too shabby about his lyrics either (it's just that he's a member of the O.C./Ras Kass Gild of sick rappers who will never get the shine to match their ability), but I didn't think the G.O.A.T. would co-sign some of these other cats.

"Jada, he's the definition of the streets," the legendary MC said. "Jada, Styles P, the LOX, period. You throw on one of their joints ... I'm in the whip, I try to keep my cool in the whip. I don't like bouncing around, getting my crazy on, but it's certain joints you gotta wild out. Roll the window down, blast the joints, let it be heard. That's one of them groups that bang it out."

It's weird to imagine Ra' listening to the veritable legion of rappers that his style has spawned, but then again what would you expect - once someone attains 'legend' status they just sit in a calm sunlit room, all dressed in white, meditating and producing pure gold stools?

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