Saturday, August 15, 2009

Status Update

We're pretty damn close to the release date for the new J Wess single Anything For You Feat. Me and Jerson Trinidad (August 21 is the jump off), and the Flo Rida tour is just around the corner too. So I've been getting the old tunes back into my memory bank for our shows.

It's such a weird experience pulling the songs you've performed a million times (but not for quite some time) back to the front of your brain. And it's a love/hate thing. As an artist, you want to be doing new stuff all the time. I think the creative process involves 'letting go' of previous creative endeavours so that you can feel like you're moving forward. Of course, this is at odds with the needs and requirements of a professional career in music - if you're lucky enough to have had hits in the past, you need to be grateful for that and suck it up when you're about to hit the stage and you really don't feel like performing that track you wrote 8 years ago and recorded 6 years ago.

That's the business.

Luckily, the J Wess stage show that we're putting together for this tour is a nice balance of past hits and new material off The Director's Cut (J's forthcoming second album).

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