Saturday, August 15, 2009

Union Dudes Are Still As Tough As Ever

I thought I'd post this excellent scene from G.O.A.T. flick 'On The Waterfront' as it ties in nicely with an article I was reading about labour unions perpetuating the tough guy stereotype here in Melbourne.

Among the exchanges recorded in the Australian Building and Construction Commission's statement of claim were mobile phone calls to a ''scab'' labour hire worker on the project during an April 1 car chase.

The calls, it is alleged, were from the phones of workers who had been earlier fired from another labour hire firm used on the project, Civil Pacific.

''You're f---ed. We know where you live. We are going to kill you and your family,'' said one caller during the chase.

''Don't you go on to the bridge again or you and your family are f---ed,'' another caller said.

It's tempting to assume that repeated attempts to emasculate the unions in recent years may have 'softened' them up. But that would be one big wrong a$$ assumption.

Also, I like the Arabic subtitles on the clip.

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