Monday, August 10, 2009

No Toast Until You've Had Your Twitter

I definitely don't consider myself a Luddite (I've got a blog, don't I?), but I'd say I have a healthy suspicion of the unquestioning, total and complete embrace of new technology. I don't, for example, automatically accept that any new innovation is going to make my life better.

So this article from the New York Times plays to my fears nicely.

“Things that I thought were unacceptable a few years ago are now commonplace in my house,” she said, “like all four of us starting the day on four computers in four separate rooms.”

Technology has shaken up plenty of life’s routines, but for many people it has completely altered the once predictable rituals at the start of the day.

This is morning in America in the Internet age. After six to eight hours of network deprivation — also known as sleep — people are increasingly waking up and lunging for cellphones and laptops, sometimes even before swinging their legs to the floor and tending to more biologically urgent activities.

I guess I'd be cooler with this sort of stuff if most of the world wasn't living in fear of persecution or danger of starving.

"Network deprivation?"

F*&k off.

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