Monday, April 27, 2009

If You Toss A Loonie A Bone, Don't Get Mad When He Defecates On It

Apparently some people have only just got hip to the idea that gambling addicts might use Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's economic stimulus payment of $900 to feed their demons, rather than their children.

The December Federal Government stimulus payments led to a surge in poker machine spending in Victoria, with $250 million being pumped through, up from $220 million a year earlier.

What the fuck did they expect?

Now we need a new government scheme to farm out autistic cats who are good with numbers to accompany all these government-cheque-cashin' bottom feeders to the Casino.

And anyway, they're still stimulating the economy, isn't that was this was all about? The slot jockies are pumping millions back into the government's coffers. While their souls slowly corrode. It's Machiavelli 101, bitch - ethics and government ought to be mutually exclusive.

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