Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The World Needs Rappers From Sweden To Chill Out

So it seems there's some rapper from Sweden trying to make it in Los Angeles, USA. But that's not the stupid part (although it is pretty stupid).

The rights of pedestrians were apparently on Osnes' mind late one November night when an SUV pulled too close to him in a Hollywood crosswalk. What occurred next has been described by the driver's lawyer as a real-life version of the Oscar-winning movie "Crash": A random roadway encounter between strangers leads to tragedy.

Minutes after he stepped off the curb, Osnes lay dying, police were searching for the SUV's driver, and 10 horrified witnesses were trying to understand how a minor confrontation -- a shout and a smack on a car hood -- had prompted an attack of breathtaking brutality.

The SUVs driver was the wannabe rapper from Sweden, who's name I won't publish because, you know, fuck giving that bum any publicity.

Reminds me of a Pharcyde song where Fat Lip talks about a dude moving from Wyoming to LA to make it as a rapper, but then falling victim to the 'I gotta be a gangster to be a rapper' bamboozle move.

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