Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Honour, May I Present The 'Bad A$$ Rapper' Defense

I didn't even know we had legitimate 'wannabe gangsta' rappers here in Oz, I just thought fucking idiots leveled that accusation against dudes like me, coz they were too lazy to listen to my lyrics. But now it turns out there really are Quasi Thugs, and they actually have guns.

Gold Coast brothers Dionne Matthew Lacey, 22, and his brother Jade, 26 - rap name Lace Italiano - are fighting murder and unlawful wounding charges respectively over the the May 6, 2007 shooting, which prosecutors say was the result of a clash at a Nerang unit in which Mr Palmer challenged Jade Lacey's reputation as a "big-known gangster".

Makes perfect sense to me. The dude is walking around with a gun, to back up his claims on that lifestyle, and it's just his good fortune that he had it on him when a deranged lunatic attacked him.

Why isn't Bill O'Reilly spinning this as a feel good story for the NRA gun lobby?

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