Sunday, October 19, 2008

Call Off The Search Party

Rumours of my demise have been exaggerated, so all 4 of you who regularly read TWNR need not worry that your favourite urban poet/dilettante has fallen by the wayside. My girl was using my laptop to study for a work-related exam, and given that a couple of crack heads broke into her house earlier this year and stole her Mac book, she had to use mine.

Anyway, no news is good news. I could've posted a little something yesterday but thanks to Arthur J. Guinness, our good friends who tend the bar at The Celtic Club on a Friday night, and my man Biz passing me a little something under the table at The Order of Melbourne, I was in the middle of a Hangover Event Horizon.

So The Knicks beat the reigning World Champ Celtics, Glasgow Celtic FC beat Inverness CT, and Arsenal cleaned up Everton - a pretty good weekend for Digga. Except none of these things turned out to be that comforting. Here's why:

1. It's only pre-season in the NBA and teams are running out their experimental squads, so the Knicks result means nothing
2. Celtic were up against it all game against Inverness, and can consider themselves lucky to have not lost (or at least drawn). Even worse, with their two preferred strikers injured and Aussie Scott McDonald underperforming (he was dragged at the hour mark), The Biz might actually be right about the chubby champion
3. Arsenal may have won 3-1, but Chelsea won 5-0 and Man U won 4-0. That says it all about the EPL

That is all.

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