Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally, Some Positive Press For Booze!

After months of images like this from the fear mongers (the bouncer is just off balance and trying to steady himself - what? It's obvious), finally us tragic Lushes have some cold, hard scientific evidence to back us up. Sort of.

The fact that two different friends who don't even know each other sent me the link for the story about how drinking leads to happiness makes me think that I may be making some interesting life choices.

"It's almost certain that social connection that is facilitated by the process of moderate drinking that is beneficial to wellbeing rather than the alcohol itself."

Not true. I was in the Celtic Club the other week and a bunch of Irish lads were getting on great when the chat was at a minimum and the pints were flowing freely. As soon as they started paying more attention to the conversation than the poison, one of them ended up on his back with a guy he had been 'socially connecting' with sitting on his chest and pounding punches into his face.

It's just the booze that makes us happy. The people are shit.

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