Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trying To Save The Trees While Workers Kick You In The Head

With the economy finally threatening to do like Marx said it would and eat itself, while the planet continues to get fucked up coz who the fuck are you to tell me to take the bus or walk, there's gonna be a lot more of this.

When a Tree Hugger tries to stop a Joe Six-Pack from earning his daily crust, and said Tree Hugger is hopped up on Al Gore juice while Joe Six-Pack is fixated on his ever-in-threat mortgage, sparks are gonna fly.

"The contractor set upon the car with a sledgehammer and then dragged the activist out from the car and kicked him in the head while he was lying on the ground."

It's ok though, the 'activists' filmed the attack.


El NiƱo said...

Nice use of Joe Six-Pack but it got me to thinking, is there a difference between a Joe Six-Pack and the famous Howard's battlers?

Digga said...

I'm not sure - maybe Howard's battlers are more like Warren Ten-Slabs?