Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Talking Basketball

I posted the above pic because a) I don't post enough images of females (gender equality, motherfucker), b) she made her way into this article about the new NBA season which kicks off tonight, and c) I love me a busty red head.

Seriously though, the guy who wrote the article is one of my favourite living writers. His name is Bill Simmons, and even if you hate sports you will enjoy some of his stuff. A bereft-of-context example:

"In 1962, you could take Joan on a date to a diner, and she would order a patty melt, onion rings and a vanilla malt and finish off everything with a smile on her face. In 2008, if you took her to that same diner, she would order a Diet Coke and a garden salad with the dressing on the side, leave three times to smoke Marlboro Lights, stare at your onion rings for 20 minutes before eating two of them, disappear into the bathroom for another 20 minutes, then ask you to pay the check because she couldn't be late for her Pilates appointment. Also, there's a decent chance one of her ribs would break when she put on her seat belt on the way home."

See? I told you.

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