Monday, October 27, 2008

From Jeers to Cheers

Ever since the inception of the A League, Australia's bold new national football flagship (or soccer, for you suckers), the Melbourne Victory have been the best, most passionately supported club in the country (completely unbiased opinion, obviously). A major part of that has been the Blue and White Brigade and their outstanding and consistent support. Today, they were initially told they could no longer use the 'political' symbol (linked to the unions) of the Eureka stockade flag.

"The Eureka flag was actually the first emblem of the first Victory supporters' group. We've had the Eureka flag at our games since day dot, and all of a sudden it's got political connotations and we can't fly it," said Adam Tennenini, leader of the Blue and White Brigade supporters' group."

Luckily, a few hours after it was announced, this popped up.

" a statement released this morning FFA chief executive Ben Buckley said the banning of the flag was "unintended'' and would be reversed."

You're damn right. Now, everybody sing, "Vic-tore-eeee-yaahhhhh!"

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