Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Timely Reminder To Not Piss Off Your Waiter

Everybody has heard the horror stories about shit getting dropped on the floor in restaurant kitchens (the 5 second rule), waiters spitting in meals when uppity customers keep sending their steak back coz it isn't cooked right - but now someone on the inside has made it official.

A New York waiter has written a tell-all book about the tricks of the trade.

"Waiters do spit in food, Dublanica writes, although he prefers psychological revenge and power plays. Like embarrassing you by pretending your credit card has a problem, engaging in subtle put-downs in front of your dining companions, losing your reservation, seating you next to the men's room and much worse. These tactics are usually reserved, it seems, for truly objectionable, abusive customers. But if you don't tip properly, watch out."

Still sceptical? Watch a film called Waiting...

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