Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reds Under The Bed

So you may have heard that the latest script McCain is reading from dictates that he accuse Obama of socialism.

"Senator McCain seized on the interview where Senator Obama, then a state senator in Illinois and a law professor, appeared to lament the failure of the civil rights movement to bring about greater financial equality, saying it proved his opponent was determined to redistribute wealth."

Briliant. Only a Republican could turn the fairly objective observation that blacks are worse off than whites into a preamble to the Communist Manifesto.

What is this, The Fifties? No one cares anymore. No amount of 'Reds Under The Bed' fear mongering is going to shake the faith at this point.

And quite apart from all that, what the fuck is wrong with Socialism anyway? After 8 of the Bushiest, least sociable (let alone socialist) years in western democratic history, maybe we need a swing to socialism for a while just to compensate.

It's moot anyway, because given Obama's sworn devotion to fixing the current financial crisis within the framework that created it, he's clearly NOT a socialist.

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