Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Talkin' Basketball

With the new NBA season just around the corner, and The Knicks on track to suck as mightily as they have ever sucked in the past (which is A LOT of sucking - imagine Linda Lovelace on steroids), I thought it would be nice to cast our minds back to the good old days. Now I know what you're gonna say - yes I'm a Knicks fan, and yes this clip shows Chicago Bulls legend and kick ass dead-beat-daddy (I swear this dude lost track of how many kids he fathered and just started shelling out to any groupie with a claim) Scottie Pippen decimating Patrick Ewing. But damn, I just loved the tit-for-tat that Pippen and Spike Lee used to get into. Watch for Scottie going over to the sidelines and giving it to Spike Lee after he violates Ewing.

Ah, memories.

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