Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm down with RVP

Ahead of The Biz's EPL Wrap X-Arsenal, I thought I'd squeeze this one in.

3-0 over Newcastle at The Emirates is more like it. I'm glad that they got a hiccup out of the way early with the Fulham loss last week. The past few seasons they've killed it for about 14 rounds then had a minor brain melt, then killed it for another 10 rounds and had a series of brain melts to finish the season.

Only time will tell what they're gonna throw up in 08-09, it looks like more of the same though (as much as I hate to admit it in front of The Biz). That is, beautiful flowing football by a bunch of Fancy Dans who don't really seem to care about winning or losing. Arsene Wenger definitely gives off that laidback, existentialist French philosophy master vibe - he's the kind of guy who looks like he'd pull a 3 way in a warm vodka-filled apple barrel with a Czech model chick and one of the younger members of his squad (members), just to prove the value of a good hard day's work to his young charge.

The Gunners really need a first rate c**t in the midfield, the kind of Roy Keane type that punches himself in the throat in the dressing room after a draw, and punctures someone's lungs after a loss.

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El NiƱo said...

I'm looking forward to the weekly wrap which will no doubt have a heavy dollop of praise for your old enemy Spurs who went to Arseface Park to battle with The Team That Dirty Oil Money Bought and and came away with a point.