Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Megalomaniac Girls in a Material World?

Does anybody really believe that Zimbabwe's three decade tyrant Robert Mugabe is actually gonna let this slide through? Whenever election time comes around people get optimistic just because Mugabe keeps a low profile (silently encouraging the optimism from his detractors), but the same thing happens time and time again. It's a simple enough tactic: if his opponents don't prevail through their preferred democratic means, he doesn't have to do anything. If they do prevail, he tells them to go fuck themselves and he strong arms it.

I hope the MDC national chairman Lovemore Moyo is allowed to assume the parliament speaker position that he won democratically, but the fact that Mugabe's created a climate in which the phrase 'allowed to assume' makes sense is less than encouraging.

Another world leader keepin' it gangsta is my man Vladimir Putin. It's hard to imagine that the whole occupation of Georgia thing is not just him pulling the strings on Russia's foreign policy from behind the scenes. Well, not that far behind the scenes. I mean, he's still the Prime Minister.

"Journalists fired questions about the reported looting and kidnappings by South Ossetian and North Caucasus paramilitaries. Kremlin press attaché Sasha Mechevsky retorted that many homes were burned by Georgians themselves."

Sure. That makes sense.

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