Monday, August 25, 2008

Tomorrow - Weekly EPL Wrap, INCLUDING Arsenal!!!

Ok, last one for today. Just a heads up to let you know that The Biz will be doing a weekly EPL (English Premier League) wrap up starting from next week, but he will not be covering any Arsenal games. The reasons for this are myriad and complex, but to simplify, it's because I love The Gunners and he hates them. So there'll be no coverage of them at all (hey, it's my fucking blog).

I'll do the EPL wrap tomorrow after Man U beat Portsmouth, and for the one and only time it will include coverage of the Arsenal game.

Well, it would've if they didn't lose, anyway.

More importantly, Celtic beat Falkirk 3-0 in the SPL (Scottish Premier League) and they're traveling nicely in defence of their title. Next is the first Old Firm match* of the season. Up The Hoops!

*Biz won't be allowed to cover that, either

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